Simplifying Underfloor Heating for Kiwis by creating warm, comfortable spaces

Heatrite works by radiating heat from the floor to the ceiling allowing for an even ambient temperature around the room. It heats the surface of the floor so you can enjoy a warm and cosy home. Walking barefoot on warm floors not only feels pleasurable it heats the heart and the body making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Installation & Maintenance

Heatrite underfloor heating is easy to install in new builds or home renovations, it is installed before the floor coverings are laid and can be installed under any floor covering. There is no maintenance, just turn it on, set your controller thermostat and enjoy the comfort of warm floors and comfortable room temperatures.

Easy User Experience

Heatrite underfloor heating system comes with a lifetime warranty on all the elements. Our touchscreen controller thermostats come with a five-year warranty.

Energy Saving

Heatrite underfloor heating provides radiant heat distribution with lower temperatures required than other conventional heating systems.
Combined with the easy to use programmable
thermostat for heating control makes it a more efficient way to heat your home.
Add in our floor insulation board to transform your underfloor heating experience.

Invisible Heating System

Heatrite NZ underfloor heating systems provide comfort and well-being without installing heating products on the walls.

That’s why this type of heating systems are ideal for those users who because of aesthetics, don’t want to see radiators hung in their home.

Ideal for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Underfloor heating under tiles or stone is especially desired in bathrooms, kitchens and high heat loss areas. Due to the excellent thermal properties they possess, they turn your floor into a heated floor quickly and energy-efficiently. They can be heated to temperatures over 29°C, providing you with optimal control and comfort of your living space.

Underfloor heating takes the chill out of the tiles and controlling your heating with a thermostat means that your home is warm when you want and the heating is off when you are not at home.

Tiles made from materials such as cork or rubber are normally not suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Energy efficient

Since underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than standard heat pumps, heating costs are reduced and savings can be achieved on heating bills.

Comfort & warm floors

An even temperature, controlled by our precise and exclusive thermostats, creates a supremely comfortable environment.

Clean & safe

The radiant heat produced by the system reduces humidity and air circulation, meaning that there are fewer dust mites and allergens in the indoor air.

Design freedom

The system is invisible and depending on the heat loss of your room, frees up wall space as bulky heat pumps are not needed.

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